Perfusion of The Myocardium

Perfusion of the myocardium is of the utmost importance matter what the situation is with the patient’s medical condition. Systemic circulation cannot be achieved unless the heart is functioning properly. Cerebral perfusion is virtually impossible if there is no cardiac output. Therefore, the coronary arteries must have an adequate amount of oxygen to support the metabolic demand of the heart muscle. ACLS teaches the concepts and the benefits of treating inadequate tissue perfusion. While there are many things that can cause the heart not to receive adequate oxygenation, the number one cause for a lack of oxygen is coronary artery blockage. Patients who suffer from coronary artery blockage, better known as coronary artery disease, we usually have chest pain and shortness of breath. If treated properly, this condition may or may not affect the perfusion of the myocardium. For those individuals who suffer with chest pain, you should see the consultation at your local emergency room or at least speak with your primary care physician concerning your condition.

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