Liver Complication

The buildup bilirubin in the blood that causes yellowing of the skin, mucous membranes, and whites of the eyes is known as jaundice. The yellow colored pigment that is produced by the breakdown of old red blood cells is identified as bilirubin. When the blood does not contain enough of the bilirubin it then starts to change the coloration of the skin. Bilirubin is processed through the liver and then the rest of the body is affected. If you noticed or think you may have jaundice you need to get medical assistance and find out what the cause may be and get treated right away.

It is fairly easy for doctors to diagnose patients with jaundice. They unusually look at the appearance of the skin and ask about the symptoms that you have been experiencing. The doctors will also take a blood test to confirm the excess bilirubin level. An ultrasound may also be done if the doctor suspects that the liver or bile ducts have signs of obstruction. It can also give helpful information about jaundice. One of the most accurate ways to help a doctor diagnose jaundice is a CT scanning.  The treatment the doctor will give you depends upon the diagnosis behind the symptoms and the information they found while testing.

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