Atlanta Georgia Weather

We have been suffering from the weather since the beginning of the Holiday season. The heat has people dying from dehydration in Atlanta, Georgia. The weather has been so hot here in the City of Atlanta. Our patients have been passing out from this current heat wave. We are hoping the heat subsides in the next few weeks. The Paramedics and Doctors have been extremely busy with all the sick and injured patients. The Fox News Network states this could be the heat wave of the century. We are praying for a cooler Summer and begging Fall to come quickly.

In the next few weeks, we will see a decrease in the amount of illnesses across Georgia. The AHA has donated there time and efforts in helping people to prevent heat exhaustion. Should anyone need help, the American Red Cross is available to provide emergency shelter. The homeless has suffered in the Downtown Atlanta area due to the heat from the asphalt and concrete buildings. Fret not for the heat will soon be a distant memory.

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