Medicine and Technology

The medical community has moved into the new millennium in relation to high tech and high touch medical equipment, skills and technology. Doctors have taken precautions to further the well being of their patients as well by attending advanced medical certification courses. The PALS certification course provides medical specialist with an unique set of skills. Defibrillation and intubation in conjunction with the administration of cardiac medications makes a superior difference in the outcome of the cardiac arrest victim. Science has shown that excellent compressions with attention to advanced airway management will aid in the saving of a life. Thermodynamics plays a major role in the long term recovery of each patient if they have return of spontaneous circulation. Cooling a patient’s core temperature down to 32 or 34 degrees Celsius has proven to slow the overall metabolic rate and prevents further cellular death. By decreasing the metabolic rate we are able to preserve the neural tissue in the cerebellum. In layman’s terms, we save the brain from biological death.

Life Form has aided in the education of the advanced cardiac life support provider by supplying CPR manikins to the local medical institutions. CPR manikins along with the intubation manikin teaches first year medical students, new nurses and paramedics how to resuscitate someone who is in cardiac arrest. This practice or practical scenarios is vital not only to the medical health care provider, but to the well being of the community as a whole. As stated before, technology and the advancement of the health care industry has seen great strides in helping to save lives. Capnography is a major component in measuring end tidal CO2 in reference to the adequacy of cardiac pulmonary resuscitation. Years ago, we would have not seen this as a vital instrument to evaluate resuscitation efforts. The reason being is simple. The technology was not yet readily available for the civilian sector. As a final note, we must continue to advance ourselves in conjunction with the development of technology.

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