Fluid Bolus

Patients that are said to be volume depleted or dehydrated should receive a fluid bolus of normal saline. Volume replacement is paramount for the patient to maintain perfusion. Those individuals who suffer from hypovolemia will also suffer from hypoxia or inadequate tissue perfusion. The pediatric patient should receive 20ml per kilogram and the adult should receive 10ml to 20ml per kilogram. This helps to restore pressure in the vascular system which is needed for the process of Osmosis and diffusion to operate correctly.

Trauma patients have a tendency to be hypovolemic due to massive internal injury. The mechanism of injury will help the healthcare provider really understand the potential or the injuries that lie beneath the dermis. Trauma surgeons and emergency room physicians use these signs and symptoms to guide their regiment of treatment. A fluid bolus is also used as quanatative data to recognize the lose of volume. As a final note, any patient who is or has a low B/P should be consider for a fluid bolus.


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