Today more than ever there are medical shows on television that are actual people that are severely ill, injured and have died.  CPR is cardio (heart), pulmonary (lungs), resuscitation (restoring to previous condition).  CPR is not just for medical professionals anymore.  The medical community would be thrilled to know that people are taking interest in learning this simple life saving technique.  A CPR class offers valuable information and instructions on the correct techniques that are needed when a person’s heart has stopped and they are no longer able to breath on their own.

It may be the neighbor across the street, a spouse, a child or infant.  No one ever knows what they will be faced with, and the worst thing is an with an emergency where a life is in jeopardy and you are helpless in providing life saving measures until emergency medical assistance arrives. Time is of the essence in an emergency.  Consider a CPR class today and make a difference in a person’s life as well as your own.

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