There many people in the United States who suffer with some type of respiratory disease. People who have asthma are subject to having emphysema later on in their life. This is a type of pulmonary disease that causes individuals to have chronic infections in their lower alveoli as a result of a decrease in surfactant. As a result, respiratory arrest is not uncommon in these particular type patients throughout the United States. Should you be providing treatment for a patient with some type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you should be carpeted of the fact that they can lose their respiratory drive within minutes. These individuals have the ability or the potential to be a cardiac arrest as well.

Patients that have diabetes are also at risk of respiratory arrest due to the process of diabetic ketoacidosis. Medications such as amiodarone can help these particular individuals decrease their respiratory infection and as a result helps save lives. We must do our due diligence when assessing each and every patient for the possibility of respiratory insufficiency. Last but not least, epinephrine given subcutaneously can actually save the life of the severe asthmatic patient.