The terminology we use in the medical field determines the level of knowledge we posses. Students have been taught the importance of excellent knowledge when it comes to the medical field. However, the level of paramedic instructors has decreased over time and as a result we have seen a decline in the level of skills and knowledge. Their is a lot of help out their for interns who are desiring the knowledge to speak clearly with medical terminology. The American Heart Association has a great program designed for health-care providers. The course is called the ECG and Pharmacology course. Please feel free to see their website.

Terminology is a must for medical staff who are dealing with critical patients. The Advanced Cardiac Life Support course requires staff to be proficient in the ACLS class terminology. There is a need for medical staff to communicate appropriately in order to facilitate excellent patient care. Never take for granted that each individual understands the terminology you are using. The medical council in Atlanta Georgia is aware of the need for further education.

The staff at the Children Hospital in Atlanta Georgia has come to realize the need for excellent skills, knowledge and terminology. In the clinical setting, there is nothing more demanding than the need for advanced skills and terminology for the treatment of a pediatric patient. The pediatric hospital requires all of their staff be trained in AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support. The administrator has been proactive in providing these American Heart Association classes for the new medical staff. The need for these classes help to increase the medical terminology of the staff.

Finally, The medical providers can reduce time when communicating if every one is on the same page when it comes to using medical terminology. The medical field requires each of us to attend at least 30 hours of continuing education over a 3 year period. The medical staff in the hospital have been proactive in the initiation of  Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification for all of their new hires. In addition, they have integrated a standing policy on the use of proper medical terminology. There is good reason for the use of proper terminology and I hope this article has helped to expand your knowledge.