For C.diff, ALL health care providers and family members are required to practice the correct hand washing technique, which is 20 seconds of hand washing using antibacterial soap, rinse and dry hands thoroughly and turn the faucet off with a clean paper towel. The Alcohol Gel based hand cleaners are NOT accepted to use for patients with C.diff, the alcohol has no effect on the organism  Hand washing reduces the amount of numbers on the hands.  Providing great friction rub when washing the hands removes the organisms off, therefore decreasing there numbers.  Just know that it is the FRICTION that causes the germs to leave the hands, causing it to be extremely hard to transfer germs from person to person or place to place.

Especially during the flu and cold seasons wash hands frequently.  Avoid shaking hands, as this can pass germs from person to persons.  Do not share beverages or use the same utensils.  Cover the mouth when coughing or sneezing.  It is also a good idea to stay away from crowded places during the holiday season.  Drink plenty of fluids, and get adequate rest.