Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

Today thousands of people are being treated for Coronary Artery disease and may not have a clue the severity of this disease. Coronary Artery disease can be a life threatening disease if not treated properly and taken seriously. It is best to understand how this disease effects us and how we can prevent this disease from reeking havoc on our bodies.Coronary Artery disease can lead to heart attacks and damage our blood vessels.

As a nurse I have been privileged to be apart of a great medical team. Education is a must when caring for these patients. When taking care of a patient that has CAD, we should consider an ACLS renewal course. Especially nurses and physicians, the reason is that this class has all the up to date information that has been evaluated and approved by the American Heart Association.

In order to provide the very best care that patients need, health care professionals have an obligation to continuously be informed of new up to date information that can improve their patients health. ACLS certification only lasts for 2 years and within this time frame new information has been provided for health care workers. Unless you take an ACLS renewal class you will not be up to date on the changes that have been made by AHA (American Heart Association), therefore you are not able to provide quality patient care.

Coronary Artery Disease is a narrowing of the arteries to the heart that decreases blood flow, causing a gradual build up of plaque inside the arteries. This can be the culprit of a heart attack and strokes. The plaque can become dislodge and occlude the artery, which in turn blocks the flow of oxygen rich blood that our heart and brain requires for functioning. There are things that we can do to decrease the risk of having this disease.

Some of the changes that we can succeed at are changing our diet by decreasing the amount of fat in our diet. Broil or bake our meats when possible. Avoid foods high in saturated fats. Incorporate more vegetables and avoid organ meats as they are high in cholesterol. There are times that you may need medication that will help to decrease the risk of coronary artery disease. And the one thing we can not change is the genetic factor that our body has, but the things that can be changed should be and can be achievable.