The American Heart Association has been very proactive in preventing death in patients who are suffering from myocardial infarction. Early CPR with defibrillation has been proven to change the outcome of a person suffering from cardiac collapse. ACLS certification has proven to help healthcare providers provide the advanced procedures needed in order to save a life.

As the cell in the heart begins to die, we must be very proactive in returning the heart to its normal systemic function. With excellent CPR pushing hard and pushing fast, we can make a significant difference in helping to save this person from cellular death. We must prevent the body from going into a metabolic acidosis reference by metabolic acidosis in order to help them make a 100% recovery.

Pediatric advanced life support also preaches a message of excellent ventilation and hyper oxygenation. PALS has also helped pediatric care providers to prevent children from going into cellular death as well. Cell Death can happen very quickly in children below the ages of eight years old. So, it is very important that we be very proficient in our scope of practice as a medical healthcare provider.

Excellent oxygenation accompanied by good deed compressions of pushing hard and pushing fast has been proven to sustain life until advanced measures can be implemented. The Atlanta medical Academy has trained many individuals in the advanced procedures provided by American Heart Association for saving lives. Diabetics or patients who usually require excellent care to prevent cell death when their sugar is elevated art if it comes below 80.

Patients with heart disease must also be cognitive of the fact that they are successful to cell death as well. CPR may be required to sustain life and to prevent respiratory as well as metabolic acidosis until then endotracheal tube can be placed into the Larynx. Those hoping to better themselves as a healthcare provider, are the individuals who need the additional t

raining from the American Heart Association.

In the state of Georgia, we have many first responders who are responsible for responding to the scene to aid advanced cardiac life support providers. Paramedics have been helping save lives for over 45 years. They understand the process of cellular death while it is so important to be proficient in all advanced skills.

Please be aware that all of these procedures we are talking about a for the advanced healthcare provider who has a great understanding of advanced cardiac life support as well as pediatric advanced life support. No one should attempt any of the advanced delivery of medications, defibrillation or cardiopulmonary resuscitation without the order of an emergency room physician.

While there is no way to know what caused the patient to go into cardiac arrest, we can still provide excellent oxygenation and hyperventilation with supplemental O2 to prevent the patient from dying at the cellular level. There is no way that we can function without being cognitive that everything we do helps the person to become more stable. By the patient becoming stable there is a chance that they can leave the hospital without any cell death to the mid-or lower brainstem.

last but not least, for those who are wishing to become better healthcare providers should seek help from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. The Atlanta medical Academy provides courses year in year out seven days a week on an as needed basis. Please feel free to call us any time that we may be of assistance to you.