Cardiac Arrest is something we will all face one way or the other. Depending on ones health and their good fortune to steer clear of major trauma, we can expect to live well into our mid 70s. For these reasons alone American Heart association has dedicated millions of dollars and man hours perfecting CPR intervention in order to sustain life.

The research and case studies are countless in discovering what works and what doesn’t. Many adults and pediatrics die each year due to illness and trauma. We as medical professionals must find away to successfully resuscitate patients and restore the patients vital signs within normal limits. ACLS Class has been a great foundation for medical professionals who participate in Mega Codes.

The cardiac medications that are administer during a cardiac arrest increase the chance of survival. However, as we progress we will discover drugs that are better suited for certain situations. The American Heart Association is the leader in perfecting who the medical community resuscitates patients.

There are many nurses who practice in pediatric facilities. Most of these nurses are trained in AHA PALS protocols. It is imperative that we continue to hone our knowledge and skills. Our citizens depend on us to be ready when the emergency occurs. As we all know, kids are the biggest challenge we face when it comes to cardiac arrest. They are not small adults and therefore they are the complete opposite. As professionals, we must dedicate ourselves to be the best we can be.

There are thousands of Americans who die each year due to Cardiac Arrest. Advanced Cardiac Life Support course has been a great foundation for life saving interventions. It is crucial to be knowledgeable and ready to act when the time comes. If you are not certified, I strongly encourage you to take the course. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.