The cause of leukemia is not yet known. Experts are still searching. However, there are some things known to increase the risk of some kinds of leukemia. Some risk factors are large amounts of radiation, when exposed to certain chemicals such as benzene, some types of chemotherapy to treat some other cancer, and some other genetic problems. Nevertheless, people who get leukemia do not have any known risk factors. Leukemia also has many symptoms but it depends on the type of leukemia you have. Some common symptoms include fever, bone or joint pain, or bruising or bleeding easily. Some other symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, very weak or tired, and getting lots of infections.

To be diagnosed with leukemia you must first go through with a doctors physical exam and answer questions about past health problems and current symptoms. Then you will do blood test to see the level of blood cells. If you blood test come back abnormal the doctor will then do a bone marrow biopsy. That lets the doctor look at the cells from inside your bone. Bone marrow biopsy’s give the doctor key information about what type of leukemia you may have and will also get you to the right treatment. Treatment is based on what type of leukemia, how far along it is, and your age and overall health. Acute leukemia is very important to treat so the rapid growth of leukemia cells will stop. Chronic leukemia cannot be cured but it is still important to keep the disease under control. The most common treatments include chemotherapy, radiation treatments, stem cell transplant, and biological therapy.