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The cause of leukemia is not yet known. Experts are still searching. However, there are some things known to increase the risk of some kinds of leukemia. Some risk factors are large amounts of radiation, when exposed to certain chemicals such as benzene, some types of chemotherapy to treat some other cancer, and some other genetic problems. Nevertheless, people who get leukemia do not have any known risk factors. Leukemia also has many symptoms but it depends on the type of leukemia you have. Some common symptoms include fever, bone or joint pain, or bruising or bleeding easily. Some other symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, very weak or tired, and getting lots of infections.

To be diagnosed with leukemia you must first go through with a doctors physical exam and answer questions about past health problems and current symptoms. Then you will do blood test to see the level of blood cells. If you blood test come back abnormal the doctor will then do a bone marrow biopsy. That lets the doctor look at the cells from inside your bone. Bone marrow biopsy’s give the doctor key information about what type of leukemia you may have and will also get you to the right treatment. Treatment is based on what type of leukemia, how far along it is, and your age and overall health. Acute leukemia is very important to treat so the rapid growth of leukemia cells will stop. Chronic leukemia cannot be cured but it is still important to keep the disease under control. The most common treatments include chemotherapy, radiation treatments, stem cell transplant, and biological therapy.

Emergency medicine has focused on the perfusion of the tissues for the past 40 years. Great emphasis is placed on excellent CPR as we move into the new millennium. Push hard and push fast has taken the medical community by storm to say the least. Providing high quality emergency resuscitation care will ensure adequate tissue perfusion. Reversing metabolic acidosis is paramount to restoring circulation to the tissues and preventing cellular death. With poor circulation there is an inevitable outcome. The patient will cease to recover from the cardiac arrest as well as leave the hospital without neurological deficits.


Providing an adequate amount of volume will increase the pre-load which in return will elevate the osmotic gradient. By increasing the return of blood to the heart, there is hope that the Brain will receive an adequate amount of oxygenation. Ventilation with a bag valve mask will help to increase inner thoracic pressure to aid in internal gas exchange. Cellular death will ensue if high tertiary level of care is not implemented in a timely manner. Therefore, adequate tissue perfusion is absolutely necessary for successful  resuscitation.


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With the new standards in the healthcare provider CPR, I believe intubation will begin to take a backseat to the Combitube. The Combitube is considered a blind insertion airway device. You place the tube once in the posterior pharynx and choose port number one. If placed properly, you should see rise and fall of the chest with proper ventilation. However, if there is no rise and fall of the chest, go to port number two and ventilate with a bag valve mask. You will see rise and fall of the chest. The airway device is designed to work in the trachea as well as the esophagus. Medical professionals will require approximately 4 hours of continuing education in order to use this airway device properly. The Atlanta Medical Academy trains medical professionals in the proper use of many airway devices.


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Pelvic inflammatory disease also known as PID is an infection caused by a bacteria, virus, or fungus. In most cases pelvic inflammatory disease is caused by a sexually transmitted disease. Some of these disease are gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Pelvic inflammatory disease is usually treated by antibiotics over a long period of time through intravenous methods. If left untreated pelvic inflammatory disease can cause sepsis and eventually lead to an ectopic pregnancy.

When an egg leaves the ovary a cyst is often left in its place. A cyst is a fluid filled pocket when ruptured can spill blood into the abdomen. Blood will cause the peritoneum which is covers the abdomen to become irritated and result in sever abdominal pain. The peritoneum is much like the pleural space covering the lungs in that the peritoneum holds fluid in between its layers in order to assist in free movement of the bowel during digestion. Ruptured ovarian cysts are most commonly caused during sexual intercourse and the pain is felt almost immediately. You must seek a physician immediately.

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So you are wanting to become an EMT. Before you make this decision, it is important to understand exactly what an EMT is and does. An Emergency Medical Technician or (EMT) Is an individual who has had the required training and is certified to deliver pre-hospital ACLS in many different settings. This type of care delivered by an EMT is dependant on their certification level. Some EMT’s are only certified to give BLS or Basic life saving care, while others can give ALS or Advanced life saving skills. There are many types of Emergency Medical technicians. Some of these are EMT-B, which is basic, EMT-I, which is intermediate, and EMT-P, which is paramedic.

EMT-B’s are only able to apply BLS skills and mostly drive the ambulance to and from the destinations and assisting the higher certification levels. Certain job functions an EMT-B can demonstrate at their level are the use of and AED or automated external defibrillator, the use of basic airway adjuncts, and assisting patients with certain medications.  An EMT-I can apply BLS and ALS skills. They can administer all of the functions of the EMT-B and also intravenous therapy, advanced airway management, and also cardiac monitoring. An EMT-P has had more training than all of the other categories and is able to give medications and provide more procedures than the other two as well as perform the duties in which the other categories can.

The training requires is dependent on your states requirements. The state has to meet the requirements established by the US DOT’s required National standard curriculum. However certain stated may have some additional guidelines set forth. You must attend a credited school with a credited instructor and pass the class as required. You will have extensive training by completing classroom written work as well as tests and practicals. Once you have satisfied the hours needed for the class and passed all required tests and practical check offs, your next step will be to schedule a practical exam as well as a written exam. These are two separate exams.

During the practical exam you will need to demonstrate your skills in categories that are established by the national registry and the facility in which you will be taking the practical exam. You are required to pass this portion and the written portion in order to receive your certification. You will most often be given a pass or fail for each station of the practical in which you are testing in. Once you have passed the practicals it is then on to the written exam.

You do not have to take the practical exam before the written exam in most cases. You can start with the written first. Your written exam will consist of questions based on the skill level in which you are seeking certification. You will receive a grade. Upon passing the written and the practical exams you will then be able to apply for your certification. Once approved and you get your national numbers you are ready to start working.

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New CPR Course

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Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest also known as cardiopulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest is defined as the termination of normal circulation of the blood. This is generally caused by the failure of the heart to efficiently contract. This can be caused by several different factors. Some can be trauma and any medical related issue, some causes can be genetics. Cardiac arrest is sometimes confused with a heart attack. A heart attack can be a cause of cardiac arrest. Just remember that cardiac arrest pertains to the electrical system of the body and a heart attack is mainly dealing with the mechanical aspects of the body.

What makes cardiac arrest so dangerous is that all of the blood supply to your organs and tissues of the body are cut off. Organs and tissue begin to die after a certain length of time without oxygen. And being that blood flow is the transportation for oxygen, it will not reach the designated areas unless something is done to correct the cardiac arrest, such as CPR (Cardio pulmonary recessitation). After four minutes the brain tissues start to die, so time is of the essence. Even if the heart starts pumping again, there is a chance that the person may have suffered a type of permanent brain damage.

Cardiac arrest sometimes will give warning signs that it is coming on, such as changes in breathing, lack of circulation, and becoming unconscious. Of course these can all be symptoms of other conditions as well. This is why it is important to seek medical attention whenever any sign or symptom arises. With quick actions a cardiac arrest can at time be irreversible. With no intervention at all death is almost a certainty.

Prevention of a cardiac arrest is not always possible. However there are steps you can take that will help to decrease the risk of cardiac arrest. Such things as lifestyle changes as in changing your diet, exercise regularly, and stop smoking. Other methods can be blood pressure control, lowering your cholesterol, and certain medications prescribed by your doctor. By applying these methods you are not guaranteed not to go into cardiac arrest but however you are less susceptible than those not adhering to these prevention methods.

After a person suffers a cardiac arrest, they may be changed forever. In that of some sort of long term complication as a result of a lengthy time with no oxygen. Medications may be prescribed by a doctor to take for a certain length of time or even a life time. Whatever measures are taken to live a normal life after a cardiac arrest, it is very important to keep regular check ups with your doctor and make the much needed lifestyle changes.

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The resuscitation factor takes into account many different parameters. The one parameter that many people do not account for is the ability to resuscitate the person who’s been down for more than 3 hours. The Atlanta Medical Academy is offering such services upon request. This individual usually has a significant medical history which makes you are not a viable candidate cryogenic freezing. As a result, these physicians do not implement this level of care. These particular cardiac arrest patients will not I have return to normal function. Should you require a resuscitation team should consider calling numerous medical services of your County. Beyond that the idea, you may be in your best interest to have a cardiac tech or paramedic available at all times at your residence.

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The Atlanta Weather has been very bad to say the least. Our classes has been instructing many of our students to stay home and not attend class. The ACLS class can be provided any day of the week without any clear and present threat of bad weather.Should a tornado happen as a result of the cold front, we intend on refunding money or offering the class at a later time. Please feel free to call the Atlanta Medical Academy to re-schedule.

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There are times when the tissue in the body becomes necrotic. This is the process of dead tissue as a result of some type of infarction. If a person goes without oxygen for a period of time the cell goes into metabolic acidosis. As a result the cell breaks open and dies through the process of hemolysis. When the cell is dead the tissue becomes necrotic or goes through necrosis as a result. In order to prevent this process, we must keep the patient within normal PH Balance….

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The heart rhythm Second Degree Heart Block has been related to  heart disease. There has never been such action in an attempt to help those with coronary artery disease. The Help Heart Foundation is helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle in an effort to prevent this type of heart disease.

Many individuals have considered going through life as a vegetarian as well. Diabetes also runs rapid through the diseased heart population with high glucose levels. There is no sure way to deviate from this Second Degree Heart Block without making a drastic lifestyle change. Be sure to consult with your Doctor and find an alternative solution.