Asystole is the worse EKG rhythm that you can see on the monitor when attempting resuscitation. The Heart has no electrical activity and no mechanical action as well. The patient is in complete Cardiac Arrest. Medications and CPR can help but the real problem has to do with the underlying cause of Asystole.

A patient may be a young pediatric or a geriatric adult. There are many different causes that can result in full cardiac arrest. Advanced Cardiac Life Support should implemented be for the Adult patient. Epinephrine is the first drug to be administered by IV while CPR is in progress. The next drug of choice is Atropine. The drug should be administered IV as well. Do not interrupt compressions to administer any medications.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support should be utilized for children. Be sure to use your protocols that have been outlined by your Medical Director. The American Heart Association provides algorithms to help the health care provider to render the correct care. Remember to search for the underlying cause of the Cardiac Arrest.

If you are a health care provider, you should consider ACLS Certification. However, those of you who work with pediatrics should consider a PALS Course.

Finally, I wish the best to all my fellow health care providers. Go forward and save a life!

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